FAQ on Bath Bombs

1. Are bath bombs safe?

Yes! Our bath bombs are absolutely safe for daily use for kids and adults of all ages! Our bath bombs are 100% natural. All oils used in our bath bombs are organic as well!

2. Will they stain my bath tub?

No, all ingredients used to create our bath bombs are gentle, they do not leave stains or residue behind on normal bathtub surfaces. 

3. Will they stain my skin and nails?

No, all ingredients used to create our bath bombs are gentle, and are FDA approved.

4. Where are they made?

All bath bombs are handmade with pride in the USA! 

5. How long do they fizz for?

An average 5oz bath bomb will fizz for about 1-3 minutes depending on the temperature of the water.

6. How many uses does one bath bomb yield?

Each bath bomb is designed for a one time use and will dissolve after it has completed its amazing effects!

7. When do I put the bath bomb in my bath?

You can place within the bath water after it has filled to your personal desired depth and temperature.

8. How frequently can I use bath bombs?

You can use bath bombs as frequently as you’d like! The more often you use them, the more benefits you reap from them.

9. Are the bath bombs safe for colored hair?

Yes, all ingredients used to create our bath bombs are gentle for the hair.

Why Choose a Natural Bath Bomb?

Many bath bombs contain typical ingredients found in unnatural soaps, carcinogenics, detergents, and alcohols that strip the skin of necessary oils. If you are experiencing dry skin that seems to constantly lack moisture, it could have something to do with products you’re already using in your beauty routine. Many people use more than one type of chemically laden concoction on their skin.

A conventional exfoliant, body oil, and lotion could easily be replaced with the right bath bomb due to how effective they are at nourishing the skin! High quality natural ingredients make all of the difference when it comes to skin care products. Chemicals work in the short term but damage skin in the long run, and can lead to many devastating health problems as well. Natural bath bombs work in the short and long term, and do not lead to any terrible health consequences because they are very natural. The ingredients found in some bath bombs are natural enough to actually eat, like coconut, orange peel, and mango (though you definitely shouldn’t take a bite out of one).

It’s important to understand why natural bath bombs are the right choice. Natural means that something is not filled with preservatives, added chemicals, pesticides, or any other chemicals that are harmful for the body and the environment. Products labeled natural have to be rigidly examined and tested to earn that label! That means natural bath bombs are extremely safe and come without the many problematic ingredients found in unnatural brands. Because the ingredients are organic customers can rest easy knowing their purchase was ethical and beneficial to the skin rather than harmful. It doesn’t hurt that many natural plant-based products make the skin improve over time (while unnatural products have the opposite effect and result in many consumers wasting money or products that continue to only do damage in the long run).